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Shaw Premium

Shaw Premium Zirconia

Zirconia layered with porcelain.

Super translucent

Shaw Super Translucent

Prettau Anterior Zirconia 40% translucent milled stained and glazed.

Shaw Translucent Highlights:
Incredibly strong (670 MPa). No chipping.
Kind to opposing dentition when polished.
High translucency through optimized microstructure of Zirconia.
Life-like and natural.
Anterior or posterior restorations up to 3 units.

Nobel Procera Zirconia

Milled stained and glaze.

Nobel Procera Alumina

Sintered Aluminum Oxide.

IPS e.Max

Lithium Disilicate glass ceramic.

Telio PMMA Temporaries

Digitally milled.

Shaw Zir Cosmetic Teeth

Shaw Zir

Milled stained and glazed.

Shaw Zir Highlights:
Incredibly strong (up to 1100 MPa)
Kind to opposing dentition when polished
More aesthetic than full cast restorations
Life-like and natural

Treatment Planning

Diagnostic Wax Ups

Reduction Stents

Temporary Stents

Bite Stents

Custom Color Matching Service in Office

Custom Colour Matching

customs Colour Matching for teethOur ceramist will attend the day of preparation to Color map desired shade.

Take before digital photographs.

Discuss treatment plan and choice of restoration.

Our ceramist will attend the day of cementation/bonding to Make any minor ceramic adjustments.

Complete optimal colorization of restoration and glaze for seat.


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