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Management of Implant Complications & Implant Prosthetics by Dr. Mark Lin

December 8, 2017 @ 8:30 am - 9:00 pm

Management of Complications In Implant Dentistry

Full Day Lecture in Ottawa $299 AGD Members $50 off. ( 7 CE Credits Core 2) 9:00 a.m.- 5:oo p.m.  December 8, 2017

The evidence in the scientific literature supports that Implant Dentistry obtains a success rate of greater than 90%.  With an increasing trend for number and acceptance of dental implants used as a viable tooth replacement therapy, complications and failures rates have increased proportionally.
Complications and failures in implant dentistry can range from minor to major, reversible to irreversible and problematic to detrimental. As a result, these clinical problems will cause frustrations and disappointments for our patients and the dental professionals.  These problems can have many different levels of undesirable consequences that can lead to compromised or less than optimal clinical results for our patients, non productive wasted clinical chair time, extra financial burden to the patient and dentist, create antagonistic tension with our patients and ultimately affect the reputation for the dentist and the profession.
The documentation in the scientific literature has provided long terms follow up and evidence for the different classifications of complications and failures in implant dentistry.  Understanding the various modes of complications and failures in implant dentistry can lead to prevention, early detections and management of these implant cases. An emphasis will focus on “Treatment Planning” flaws leading to compromise or complications in the final clinical outcomes.

Course Learning Objectives:
Course participants will have the following learning objectives:
Learn the classifications and incidence rates of the various modes of implant complications and failure rates.
Recognize early detection and prevention for these complications before they occur.
Learn various clinical techniques to manage and treat the implant complications in each of the various classifications.
This course will outline and address the various components of complications and failures with the objective to understand the following topics:

Patient selection criteria for Implant Dentistry:
Medical indications and contraindications
Dental history and evaluation to identify Risk Factors
Evaluation of patient’s psychological status and expectations

Treatment Planning complications:
Differentiation between prosthetically driven versus surgically driven treatment plans
Number and position of dental implants required specific for each implant treatment modality
Sequencing and timing for treatment protocols
Selection criteria for diameter and lengths of implants as it relates to the final prosthetic restoration
Management of implants occlusion and parafunctional habits

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December 8, 2017
8:30 am - 9:00 pm